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Chief Executive Officer


CEO: Facilitated Growth

Consultant: Epica International

Controller: Esbaco International

Consultant: AboGen

Consultant: Chesapeake Rum Company


Sarah Dickson joined Facilitated Growth in 2015, following her graduation from the University of Dayton. Her outstanding academic performance was recognized by fellow alumnus, Phil Warth, who actively recruited her for the position of junior consultant.


Initially, Sarah worked with younger clients at their early stages, doing mostly analyst work. During this time, Sarah continued to educate herself on the private sector of the financial services industry and was afforded the opportunity by upper management to sit in on investor pitches and board meetings, broadening her scope of knowledge. Within a year, Sarah had transitioned into working more closely with small to mid-sized clients, such as Spare, AboGen, Esbaco, and Chesapeake Rum Company. She further refined her skills in this arena while assisting these clients in their evolution from pre to post revenue.


By 2018, Sarah had excelled in her client work and began tackling internal growth initiatives, which resulted in a promotion to vice president of operations. This involved working with larger clients, such as the med-tech company, Epica International, and expanding FG operations. Sarah played an integral role in two major financing successes for Epica International. The first was a $5M round and the second, a $14M funding round positioning the company to enter the human market. 


Sarah completed a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with majors in entrepreneurship, international business, and management information systems. 

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