On March 31, 2020, Businesswire published the article, 

Ostrich Pharma USA Produces Antibodies to Block the Virus that Causes COVID-19.  


*Ostrich Pharma USA, under the trade name “OstriGen,” is exploiting the powerful immune system of the ostrich to develop a revolutionary class of treatments and prophylaxes that are highly effective and economical.

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Saliva Collection Devices Market is Booming by Quest Diagnostics, Neogen Corporation, AboGen, Inc., OraSure Technologies, Inc., Oasis Diagnostics Corporation

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Epica International, Inc. Announces U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for its Multi-modality, Mobile Computed Tomography Imaging Platform, SeeFactorCT3™

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Epica talks about Vimago

Fatsack Outdoors Receives SC Launch Investment

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SC Launch, Inc. Invests in Fatsack Outdoors​

Summerville, S.C.
Feb 26, 2019: Fatsack Outdoors, a Greenville-based IT company, recently received a $200,000 SC Launch, Inc. investment.


This is the first investment for the company that was accepted into SCRA’s entrepreneurial program, SC Launch, in August 2016.

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Global Veterinary CT Scanner Market was esteemed at USD 125.3 Million in 2017 and is set to achieve USD 194.5 Million by 2023, developing at a CAGR of 7.60%.

Fatsack Outdoors CEO, Nick Rubio, Featured on the Cover of Town Magazine

Nick Rubio’s fishing app, Fatsack, not only records catch information, it also allows for virtual tournaments in real time, utilizing a Bluetooth scale for accuracy. As of 2017, Fatsack’s valuation weighed in at $2.5 million and the app is still growing in popularity among collegiate athletes, recreational anglers, and the pro circuit.

Ericsson Credits Epica International for Biomedical Innovation

Imaginalis, an Epica International Group, has created a number of diagnostic imaging tools that accurately visualize internal and external structures in 2D and 3D. Currently they are focusing on developing new 3D CAT scan and robot-assisted surgery technology, with the aim of making procedures safer, easier to perform and less expensive.

Beyoncé Wears Ostrich Feathers to the Shawn Carter Foundation Gala

Beyoncé wore a jeweled, split leg gown with feathered shoulder trim to night two of the gala; according to her stylist, Zerina Akers, the dress was a custom Roberto Cavalli number. And those feathers were ostrich, the designer revealed on Instagram. Reported by Emily Dixon of MarieClaire. Article available HERE

How AboGen is Changing the Healthcare Paradigm

Several research groups are currently using AboGen kits across a variety of projects; measuring changes in RNA expression, analyzing extra-cellular protein expression in cancer & autism, & a multitude of other genetic experiments, made by possible by AboGen's unique sample collection system. 

Financial Analyst, Wayne Kaufman, Predicts More M&A in Media Space

Wayne Kaufman of Phoenix Financial Services featured on CNN, with a prediction that more mergers and acquisitions activity within the media space could happen as the competition for content intensifies. The live interview aired on CNN Wednesday, June 20, at 10:23pm. Kaufman, is a major figure in finance with numerous similar appearances.

Ford Motor Company Uses Ostrich Feathers in Biggest Plant.

What does it take to turn a 40-year-old car factory into a robotic wonderland of manufacturing technology? At Ford's biggest European plant in Spain, it was $2.6 billion  and a whole lot of ostrich feathers. Among all the hi-tech, it's the low-tech bird plumage that is the big talking point. You see, ostrich feathers are darn good at collecting dust.

Fatsack Outdoors Creates Mobile Tagging App for SCDNR

Fatsack Outdoors, Inc. has partnered with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) to create a unique mobile application for their Recreational Tagging Program. Fatsack recently received a Project Development Grant from SCRA’s SC Launch Program, which will be used to further the development of the application.

Saliva Collection Devices and Diagnostics to Provide Over $2630.8M​ Revenue Post 2018

AboGen ​listed among the top players in the field, according to MarketWatch. 

The North American market for saliva collection and diagnostics is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR of 10.7%.

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Trump Signs Measure to Repeal Medical Device Tax

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December 23, 2019: MDDIonline, Omar Ford:

"The medtech industry is now in the clear to move past one of the biggest issues it has faced in recent years. The proposed 2.3% tax on medical device sales have been eliminated because of a new federal spending package signed into law by President Trump late last week."

Benefits Of Ostrich Meat:

Why The World Is Ditching Beef And Chicken For It!

Parhlo Article ByJawad Minhas


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The Benefits of the Small Business Audit Correction Act

The number of broker-dealers in the U.S. declined by 29 percent between 2003 and 2017. Over the same period, the size of the economy (as measured by real, inflation-adjusted gross domestic product) grew by 29 percent.

This matters because it leads to greater concentration and less competition in the financial services industry. But it also matters because the small-broker dealers leaving the industry help entrepreneurs raise capital. These entrepreneurs are the source of a large share of the innovation, dynamism, and job creation in the economy. 

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Don't Over-Optimize Fundraising

"Many founders approach fundraising as they would a math problem. They think that there’s a single correct answer. This usually leads to over-optimization, which is a mistake. Optimization presumes that incremental changes improve fundraising and/or company outcomes. It does not.

Because fundraising is never the deciding factor in the success of a company, founders should instead look to use a regret minimization function when fundraising."

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Unicorns Distract Us From a Graveyard; Venture Capital Article

"Venture capital’s reliance on unicorns provides cover for the huge failure rate of startups, and investors make no effort to reduce it.

Venture investing is fundamentally uncertain. You’re making big bets on people, ideas, and markets that might never work out, and there are more ways to fail than succeed. As a result, investing has to take into account the likely failure of many efforts."

Read the entire article from Medium Venture Capital, by Luke Kanies HERE.


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