FG Holdings Group members meet once quarterly to conduct an in-depth view of FG's portfolio clients, non-portfolio clients, and up-and-coming opportunities. 

While historically FG Holdings' investments have been made primarily with managed clients, we are especially enthusiastic about promising new enterprises.

We encourage you to submit a Due Diligence Package.

Your information is completely secure and will not be shared. 


Your information will not be shared.

Submitting information to Facilitated Growth does not constitute an implied contract nor should it be considered an agreement to engage our services. No information will be shared with any outside entity but Facilitated Growth, in its discretion, may distribute documents internally for the sole purpose of review by our consultants, board, and executive staff. Facilitated Growth will securely retain submitted documents for the purpose of immediate and/or future analysis. If you do not meet our criteria for private equity engagement, we will, without any incurred expenses or fees, offer a business analysis and/or provide you with referrals to cooperating partners or networks. 


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