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Co-Founder/Limited Partner: Facilitated Growth

CEO/Chair: Superior Ostrich



Philip "Phil" Warth is a co-founder and partner of Facilitated Growth. Presently, he is utilizing his lengthy and wide-ranging experience in nonprofits and insurance to assist small to midsize businesses with acquiring investment capital.


Phil is well known for his many successes, not the least of which is his involvement with Feeding America, now the third largest charity in the United States. He became the organization’s president and chief executive officer in 1985 and under his direction, Feeding America distributed more than one hundred and sixty million dollars in food to needy Americans.

Combining his charitable proclivities with his business acumen, Phil successfully pioneered a niche market in non-profit insurance. In 1992, he accepted an appointment as president and chief executive officer of First Nonprofit Mutual Insurance Company, a provider of quality, affordable insurance exclusively for the nonprofit community. With Phil's guidance, First Nonprofit Mutual Insurance Company became a leader in commercial lines products for nonprofits, offering coverage in 32 states. The Company was acquired by Amtrust Financial Services Inc. (NASDAQ: AFSI) in December 2012.


Currently, and in addition to his responsibilities at Facilitated Growth, Mr. Warth serves as chairman of First Nonprofit Educational Foundation and as both chief executive officer and chair of Superior Ostrich. (Read more about Superior Ostrich here.)

Phil is highly esteemed by the FG staff for his expert guidance and has assisted both younger and veteran consultants with projects of every type. He is also responsible for bringing on FG's vice president of operations, Sarah Dickson

Phil completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Dayton before going on to attend The Ohio State University, where he received a Master of City and Regional Planning degree. In 2004, Phil was inducted into the University of Illinois –Chicago, Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

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