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1093 CR 3310

Valley Mills, Texas 76689

Facilitated Growth was engaged by Superior Ostrich in 2012 by founder, Reg Lindberg.


We have advised on the capitalization of approximately nine million dollars and our business advisory practice was critical in Superior Ostrich's shift to revenue.


Facilitated Growth occupies two board seats while remaining responsible for overseeing governance, compliance, and off-ranch operations. Superior Ostrich is presently the largest ostrich ranch in North America.

CEO: Philip Warth

Board Member: Jose Soto

To learn more about Superior Ostrich or Facilitated Growth's relationship with this company, please contact Joe Soto.

Joe Soto

Board Member


Founded in 2013, Superior Ostrich is the largest commercial ostrich ranching operation in the western hemisphere. Presently, it houses over a thousand birds, including chicks, and eggs in the hatchery. Sustainability is the primary goal of the ranch and a full suite of products ensures utilization of the entire bird. The result is a full line of premium quality meat, feathers, oils/creams, leather goods, eggs/shells, and pet food/treats.


Superior Ostrich is based in Decatur, Texas (approximately 20 miles west of Waco). Operations are headed by veteran ostrich breeder and founder, Reginald Lindberg. The company is also represented by seven board members, each with unique backgrounds, ranging from institutional finance to investor relations.


Since inception, Superior Ostrich has focused on breaching the barriers of entry into the meat space and creating a brand new market for ostrich. 


There’s a lot to love about ostrich meat. It’s high in protein, low in fat, and surprisingly, the meat is red. The taste, texture, and color are similar to veal and beef but ostrich has less than half the calories of beef and is lower in cholesterol than chicken.

Chemically and nutritionally, ostrich eggs are fairly similar to chicken eggs, but with a lower level of cholesterol in their yolks (around 2 mg less) and a greater proportion of unsaturated fatty acids in relation to saturated fatty acids.

Compared with other livestock, ostrich farming is significantly more sustainable and economical. 

The practical lifespan of an ostrich is about 40+ years, with female ostriches producing between 20 and 60 eggs per year.  Generally, ostrich eggs hatch within 42 days and the birds can be cultivated for meat in just over a year. Compared to cattle, which is not matured or consumer-ready before 645 days, ostriches require less feed per pound, less grazing land, and reproduce quicker. 

Learn more about Superior Ostrich. Simply hover over the images above to read about the company and/or products.

Superior Ostrich on Nat Geo's "Jobs that Bite"

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