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117 Auburn Street, Suite 201

Portland, Maine 04103

Facilitated Growth was engaged by Abogen in 2016 to assist with a second series capital raise to launch their commercialized product in the marketplace.


Facilitated Growth developed the capitalization framework, designed the investment proposal, packaged the diligence, and advised throughout the process.


Facilitated Growth maintains a key role in the strategic financial decisions of the company and continues to advise through various licensing and M&A opportunities.

CEO: Stephen Andrews

Pres: Youssif Biadillah

FG Consultant: Sarah Dickson

To learn more about Abogen or Facilitated Growth's relationship with this company, please contact Joe Soto or Sarah Dickson.

Joe Soto

FG: Managing Partner


Sarah Dickson


About The Company

AboGen is a commercial-stage medical device company, based in Portland, Maine.


AboGen has developed a saliva collection and preservation technology, designed to potentially replace up to 80% of the 5 billion blood tests performed annually.

Because saliva is easier, safer, and more cost effective to collect and analyze, AboGen has the potential to disrupt the diagnostic industry and move the healthcare paradigm away from blood-based samples.

Most of blood’s components (e.g., white blood cells, DNA, bacteria, antibodies, etc.) are also abundantly present in saliva, but saliva has not been used for diagnostic testing because there was no practical method of collecting, preserving, and isolating these components from saliva until now.

About The Technology

AboGen's technology is based on a proprietary preservation solution. Unlike blood samples that must be quickly refrigerated and have a testing-life expectancy of just 72 hours, AboGen’s preservation solution protects saliva components at a biological half-life of up to 120 days at room temp.

Potential diagnostic applications using the AboGen saliva collection kit are numerous.  For example, the S3™ A Kit, presently sold as “Research Use Only” (RUO), can potentially be used in the future for WBC monitoring, liver function testing, lung cancer monitoring, HIV rapid screening, microbiome research, and eosinophilia monitoring for conditions such as COPD. 

AboGen’s S3™ A Saliva Collection Kit has been independently validated at reputable academic institutions. 

Learn more about AboGen. Simply hover over the images above to read about the company and/or products.

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