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Twism, Inc.

27 W Anapamu St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Twism engaged FG in September 2019 and has accumulated $962,500 since Q4 2019.

Facilitated Growth's director of investment strategy, Peter Nicholas, has worked directly with Twism's founder, Raja Jindal, on capitalization initiatives.

Twism's goal is to build and scale financial technologies that empower transparent storage, movement, management, and usage of money and assets in a digital world. Their mission is to change the way connections are formed within the commerce ecosystem by enabling every person, brand, or business to take control of their financial future.

Founder: Raja Jindal

To learn more about Twism or Facilitated Growth's relationship with this company, please contact Peter Nicholas.


Peter Nicholas

Director of Investment Strategy

Portrait with Mobile Phone

Twism enhances retention and increases customer sales with an incredibly simple, yet powerful loyalty platform built for businesses that want to grow.

The company has built a modern and easy-to-use loyalty rewards system that works with a physical or online business. By communicating directly with major credit card signals, Twism issues rewards to their clients' customers instantly and automatically.


In short, Twism helps businesses realize repeat revenue by creating powerful tools for growth!

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Usage: Whenever a customer makes a purchase at a local or online store, they're rewarded instantly and automatically.

Real-Time Credit Card Signals: Twism is directly integrated with the major credit cards and receives authorization signals as a customer is paying. 

Understanding Customers: Every Twism transaction, from coins to coupons to sharing, shows how they have interacted with the business. 

Automatic Rewards Delivery: Loyalty reward coins are instantly added to the customers' Twism wallet after every sale. No extra hardware or complex software integrations needed.

Learn more about Twism. Simply hover over the images above to read about the company and/or products.

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