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ph   enix

100 Wall Street, 10th Floor

New York, NY 10005

Facilitated Growth was engaged by Phoenix Financial Services 
in 2012, to assist with their launch and 
advise on their first round of financing.


To date, Facilitated Growth is the largest paid-in shareholder and a limited partner of Phoenix Financial Consolidated Holdings, LP. We actively contribute to the Firm's deal flow and foster opportunities for clients in the private sector. 

CEO: Kevin Chen

To learn more about Phoenix Financial Services, please contact CEO, Kevin Chen.

Kevin Chen


About The Company

Phoenix Financial Services is located in the heart of Wall Street in New York City. The Firm was created to provide a high level of personalized service, which is lacking at the big “supermarket” financial firms.

Unlike the larger financial institutions, Phoenix does not have potential conflicts of interest due to market making, proprietary products, and proprietary trading. Customer funds and securities are safely held with AXOS Clearing LLC, which services broker-dealers and registered investment advisors throughout the United States. 

Despite ever-changing market conditions and numerous economic challenges, Phoenix Financial offers well managed investment opportunities to investors, corporations, and high net worth individuals.

About The Services

Among the services offered by Phoenix are expert financial advisory, retirement planning, and financial product analyses. 

Phoenix's chief market strategist, Wayne Kaufman, is a well-documented financial analyst and author of The Kaufman Report. He is often seen on CNBC and Fox Business.

All representatives are fully equipped to assist with the multitude of financial questions that arise before, during, and after the financial transaction.


Phoenix Financial is able to provide transparent advice on retirement planning, financial product analyses, and investment. By conducting business with complete integrity, they foster trusting relationships that endure over time. 

Learn more about Phoenix Financial Services. Simply hover over the images above to read about the company and/or products.

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