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John Silva is a partner of Facilitated Growth. Since co-founding our organization in 2011, he has focused his efforts on domestic venture investments exclusively. Bringing an impressive history of successfully executed projects in numerous industries, he is able to effectively combine an extensive network of resources with considerable assets to construct profitable and stable companies.


John has significant experience in marketing, logistics, and distribution at the international level. In 2001, he partnered with Datatrac2000 and obtained exclusive distribution rights to the complete line of Elite Logistics products. One such product, PageTrack, allowed access to the previously untapped market of asset recovery by bridging the gap between leasing corporations and financial institutions. Under John's astute direction, PageTrack was subsequently mass marketed and distributed throughout North America.


Shortly after that accomplishment and anticipating a change in the local economic climate, John turned his attention toward international manufacturing and relocated to South America, where he quickly acclimated to the fiscal environment and began investing in local companies. One such company, Flaviense, is now a thriving commercial construction supplier and solutions provider that has exceeded all expectations for consistent growth.


Presently, in addition to his duties at Facilitated Growth, John co-owns and operates a successful international sourcing company based in Nevada. 


184 East Bay St., Suite #103

Charleston, SC 29401

​Tel: 212-697-1316

Fax: 718-764-8794​


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