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999 18th St., Suite 3000
Denver, CO 80202

Omnia Wellness Inc. is an innovative developer of a disruptive dry-hydrotherapy technology for massage, fitness, and medical applications. Through its subsidiaries, Omnia Wellness Inc. and Solajet® Financing Company, Omnia Wellness expects to commercialize SolaJet’s Dry-Hydrotherapy, Endo-Kinetic™ technology, which provides deep tissue suppression, therapeutic heat, vibration, and a flushing full-body “wave” combining four therapies in one.


Omnia engaged FG in Q3 2021. To date, Omnia has accumulated $155,000. 

Executive Chairman/CEO:
Steve Howe 

To learn more about Omnia Wellness or Facilitated Growth's relationship with this company, please contact Peter Nicholas.


Peter Nicholas

Director of Investment Strategy


Omnia Wellness is improving health and wellness through affordable, on-demand innovations.


As a leader in the commercialization of advanced therapies, with the mission to help make the World Feel Better™, Omnia Wellness is commercializing a variety of new and patented Endo-Kinetic technologies that are touchless and highly effective in restoring, rejuvenating, and renewing the human body.

Omnia’s offering is centered around the SolaJet experience: a proven, patented and therapeutic full body system. SolaJet’s proprietary technology is the culmination of years of research and development from a $3B/yr healthcare company whose quest was to develop the most effective form of soft tissue treatment to help prevent and heal wounds. Today, the  SolaJet has been adapted to a much broader variety of markets and is being commercialized worldwide.

Omnia’s turnkey therapeutic modalities have been validated by healthcare professionals, customers, and business-owners alike, positioning them as a leading alternative to massage.


Omnia Wellness is commercializing the SolaJet Dry-Hydrotherapy system, a patented and unique touch-less treatment that helps reduce pain, improve range of motion, revive and rejuvenate the body.


Celebrities such as Hillary Swank and Morgan Freeman have enjoyed the benefits of SolaJet, and Clint Eastwood has recently added another system to his second home.

The technology has been warmly embraced by leading health and wellness associations. Testimonials describe experiences such as how the product has made a difference in daily personal lives to how commercial providers have enjoyed the large and immediate profits for use of the SolaJet product.

SolaJet delivers 4 therapies in one: deep tissue penetration, thermal therapy, sequential force, and vibration, offering the experience of an hour-long traditional massage in as little as 15 minutes! 

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