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2030 Wambaw Creek Ste. 101, Charleston, SC 29492

FG was engaged by Hardscoop in April 2022 to design a capitalization strategy and assist with the execution of the company's first major round of financing.


Hardscoop is seeking to expand its operation into a larger production facility and increase its footprint across the United States with liquor and wine-based ice cream and canned beverage products.


FG's CEO, Sarah Dickson, is working directly with the management team to prepare for and properly capitalize the business in order to facilitate its expansion initiatives. 

Founder: Jason Kirby

To learn more about Hardscoop or Facilitated Growth's relationship with this company, please contact Sarah Dickson.


Sarah Dickson



Hardscoop's mission is simply to make people happy. They determined the two things that make people the happiest were ice cream and wine. Enter the idea for Hardscoop.

Hardscoop offers decadent and delicious, handcrafted alcohol-infused ice cream and sorbet and every single scoop is downright divine.


Thanks to their small-batch process and freshly sourced ingredients, they can tinker with recipes until they have the finest flavors to your taste buds.


Fruit. Dairy. Alcohol. That's it.


The ingredients are simple and simply delectable. To flavor their ice creams, Hardscoop purees real fruit, freshly picked from local farms. Strawberries from North Carolina. Peaches from South Carolina.


They're committed to every step of the process — from grinding their own coffee beans to blending their own wine base.

The result? High-quality, mouth-watering, boozy ice cream. 

Learn more about Hardscoop. Simply hover over the images above to read about the company and/or products.

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