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253 Gardener's Circle, Ste 270

Kiawah Island, SC 29455

Board Member: Nick Rubio

Board Member: Joe Soto

Andy Volanakis

Facilitated Growth was engaged by Fatsack Outdoors in the fall of 2014, primarily to assist in the first iteration of the Company's business plan and to both launch and advise through their initial round of funding.


Since the launch of Fatsack's flagship mobile application in 2015, Facilitated Growth has acted in an officer/co-founder role, assuming a paid-in shareholder capacity (through FG Holdings), and performed in an advisory position on matters pertaining to board governance, capital strategy, and various office support functions.

To learn more about Fatsack Outdoors or Facilitated Growth's relationship with this company, please contact Nick Rubio.

Nick Rubio

Board Member

Fatsack Outdoors

fatsack+ launch

January 19, 2023:

Fatsack+, the new
 premium subscription service from Fatsack Outdoors, is now available on both Apple and Google. The new app is the best way to organize fishing lures. See it in action HERE

The Fatsack mobile fishing app was created by devout angler (and now CEO), Nick Rubio. Initially, Nick just wanted a way to spend more time on the water and less time manually logging his catches. As his concept evolved, Nick began to think of more and more ways to automate the many tasks involved with successful fishing.

After a lot of research, technical development, time, and money, Nick’s idea came to fruition with the 2015 release of Fatsack Outdoors. Available for both IOS and Android, the app included every tool that the angler could want. From auto logging, tackle inventory, and real-time statistics to shopping, socializing, and education.

Recently, Fatsack added yet another feature, which automates fishing tournament administration and hosting. This new platform allows anyone, from anywhere, to compete in or host virtual fishing competitions without the hassles related to traditional registration, participant tracking, contest standings, fee collection, and prize allocation. Pro angler Hank Parker, and fishing companies such as ZMan, Rat-L-Trap, and Lew’s Fishing have already gotten onboard and hosted successful tournaments with a combined 500 participants.


Fatsack Outdoors is a South Carolina-based technology corporation, committed to bringing mobile applications to specifically concentrated outdoor markets. Fatsack developed its first mobile application, released in 2015, to improve the angler’s fishing skills and increase productivity. It was the first app on the market to include logging, mapping, social, and analytical functionalities.


In 2016, Fatsack partnered with ConnectScale, bringing CEO, Ben Arnold, on board and integrating with the company’s Bluetooth scale. The partnership produced exciting new ventures such as catch-weigh-release tournaments, app development for state agencies, and in-app real estate for fishing industry vendors.

Fatsack Outdoors is committed to continual expansion and improvement. It is one a very few companies where the CEO can be reached directly for support or a casual chat about fishing.

Download the Fatsack Outdoors App for Free

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