Chesapeake Rum Company

908 Cambridge Avenue

Aberdeen, Maryland 21001

Facilitated Growth was engaged by Chesapeake Rum Company  in 2017 to assist with the launch of their premier product, Dark Harbor Rum.


Facilitated Growth assisted with developing the CRC business model, refining their approach, outlining a financial strategy, and executing through commercialization.


Facilitated Growth continues to advise CRC during their transition from pre to post revenue and assists with the refinement and expansion of product lines and distribution channels

CEO: Dan Culver

VP-Sales: Tom Enders

To learn more about Chesapeake Rum Company or Facilitated Growth's relationship with this company, please contact Tom Enders.

Tom Enders

VP, Sales


Based in Baltimore, Maryland, the Chesapeake Rum Company LLC (CRC) is a premium distiller of artisan-crafted spirits. Their flagship product is the oak-aged, turbulence-processed, vanilla flavored rum, Dark Harbor.


The CRC business model focuses on the importance of high quality raw ingredients, a unique distilling process, and over six generations of brewing tradition.


Company founders, Dan Culver and Tom Enders, have a particularly interesting heritage:

While serving in the US Navy, Charles Nelson Culver explored the Caribbean and South Pacific in search of a rum superior to whiskey and brandy when consumed neat. After failing to do so, he returned home to Baltimore, where he then conspired with an old German brewmaster, John Adam Enders.


The rest, as they say, is history. 


CRC's first product to market, Dark Harbor, is a unique sipping rum, crafted from quality ingredients (often organic) and a proprietary aging method that is unique among spirits of its kind. Unlike other rums that use poor quality molasses or sugar cane juice, Dark Harbor is made from seven different premium sugars. The result is a superior rum that is rich and creamy, with an aromatic vanilla flavor.

In addition to premium quality sugars from all over the world, Dark Harbor only uses natural/organic yeast nutrients and the distillate is aged using tempestuous wave motions that mimic the old-time ocean crossings. 

​Simply put, Dark Harbor lets you enjoy your consumption experience without leaving you feeling bad the next day.


It's the perfect way to celebrate special people, achievements, and holidays.

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